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Maximilian Kempf

Maximilian is a playwright embarking on devised theater projects based on oral histories in order to bridge the past to the present.

Maximilian enters the theatrical arena from a background in documentary films and radio journalism. As a storyteller, I am interested in the intersection between podcasts and stage plays. I am drawn to overlooked moments in history that serve as the basis for my plays in order to educate the audience about possible solutions to contemporary political parallels. The Barrow Group Theater and Cherry Lane Theater have performed readings of my short plays and monologues. I have training in devised theater from Tectonic Theater Project and vocal training and music from Fordham University.


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The Rise of Climate Refugees in This Sinking Island

The Rise of Climate Refugees in This Sinking Island

24 January 2019

Maximilian Kempf discusses climate change theatre through the lens of the Anthropoligists’ show This Sinking Island.