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Megan Simcox

Megan Simcox has been creating and performing in theatrical productions for over 19 years. They hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in acting from the Ohio State University, and they have worked professionally in the theatre as an executive assistant to the director of the Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach, SC, and its related international touring company, Spirit Productions, in which position they also got experience monitoring auditions in New York City. They have made it their life's mission to enact societal change through the art of theatre, and thus founded ACTive Roles Theatre Company in 2016, which services children ages 10-18 with a special interest in working with marginalized and at-risk youth. ACTive Roles is an outreach theatre which offers free classes to children, produces a regional radio program which is developed and performed by students, holds free community performances, and develops new works which tackle local issues from the perspective of the youth in the community. Megan also serves as a volunteer production assistant at the Ohio University Eastern theatre department. They are an alumni of the artEquity 2016 cohort.

When the Invisible Illness Becomes Visible

When the Invisible Illness Becomes Visible

30 August 2018

Dramaturg Sara Brookner interviews actor/director Megan Simcox about equitable casting, and why they founded ACTive Roles Theatre Company.

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