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Naomi Campbell

Employed at Luminato, Toronto's annual, multidisciplinary, international arts festival, since 2011, as producer, company manager, Director of Artistic Development and most recently Deputy Artistic Director, in September Naomi Campbell was appointed Artistic Director.

Naomi Campbell was appointed Artistic Director of Luminato in September 2018. She began her tenure producing large-scale productions including The Life and Death of Marina Abramović and Apocalypsis. In 2013, she became Director of Artistic Development to produce, commission and program work alongside the Artistic Director. She became Deputy Artistic Director in 2017. 

An award-winning producer with companies including Nightswimming, Mammalian Diving Reflex (Haircuts by Children), VideoCabaret, and numerous independent artists, she produced national and international tours, was Industry Series Producer for Magnetic North Theatre Festival and curated the 2003 Rhubarb! Festival at Buddies in Bad Times.

Naomi consults with independent companies and artists on touring, board development, visioning, and organizational transformation. A Support Lead on Audience Engagement and Community Building for the Metcalf Foundation, she also teaches producing at the National Theatre School. Through the British Council, as an Access Activator, she disseminates Relaxed Performance methodology.

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We Can't Work in Isolation

We Can't Work in Isolation

Naomi Campbell and Emma Stenning in Conversation

13 January 2019

Naomi Campbell, Luminato’s new artistic director, sits down with Emma Stenning, Soulpepper’s new executive director, about theatre in Toronto, reaching communities outside of the downtown core, cross-collaboration, and more.