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Nathan Davis

Director of MFA Playwriting, Boston University 

Nathan Alan Davis is a playwright based in New York and Boston. His writing for the stage includes The Refuge Plays (Roundabout/NYTW), Nat Turner in Jerusalem (NYTW), The High Ground (Arena Stage), Eternal Life Part 1 (Wilma Theatre), Origin Story (Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park), The Wind and the Breeze (Cygnet Theatre), and Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea (NNPN Rolling World Premiere). For his body of work, he has received the Windham-Campbell Prize (2021), a Steinberg Award (2020), and a Whiting Award (2018). He is the Director of the MFA Playwriting Program at Boston University. 

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On Reinventing the Canon

On Reinventing the Canon

30 April 2024

As conversations about the diversity and decolonization of syllabi continue, many theatre programs reconsider the texts they teach.  In this episode, host Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder talks with Nathan Alan Davis from Boston University and Yizhou Huang from St. Louis University about reinventing the canon. They question who controls the narrative, discuss what qualifies as canon, and offer up some suggestions for course redesign.

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