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Panna Adorjáni

Freelance theatre, text and sound maker, based in Cluj, Romania.

Panna Adorjáni works in and around theatre, music and performing arts. Her main interests in artistic creation are: deconstructing hierarchical structures and working in a multi-disciplinary collective. As a dramaturg, some of her works include: Parental Ctrl and Hormone (with choreographer-director Ferenc Sinkó), The Zero Hour (with director Ann Turiano for Iron Crow Theatre, Baltimore), An Ongoing Song (with Szymon Adamczak for DAS Theatre in Amsterdam). As a theatre-maker, she is an associate of Universal Pleasure Factory, where she takes part in collective creations, e.g. the installations Nocturnal Privacy and Trash Songs. Her latest work in theatre, a collective creation entitled 99,6% (produced by Reactor in Cluj) has recently been awarded the Halász Péter Award for the most promising, exciting and progressive performance.

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How Ambiguity Sustains Artistic Purpose

How Ambiguity Sustains Artistic Purpose

What It Means to Be an Independent Theatremaker in Cluj

6 February 2020

Panna Adorjáni talks about what it means to be an independent theatremaker in Cluj, including having to work part-time jobs, finding community in your collaborators and audiences, and wanting to prove the world wrong.