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Patrick Jagoda

Patrick Jagoda is Associate Professor of English and Cinema & Media Studies at the University of Chicago. He specializes in media studies, 20th and 21st-century American literature, and digital game theory and design. He is the author of Network Aesthetics (U Chicago Press, 2016) and co-author of The Game Worlds of Jason Rohrer (MIT, 2016). He is co-founder of the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab and serves as co-editor of Critical Inquiry.

the​ ​parasite​

the​ ​parasite​

​ ​An​ ​Alternate​ ​Reality​ ​Game​ ​for​ ​Orientation

7 January 2018

For Orientation at the UChicago 2017, an alternate reality game was created by faculty, designers, and students that engaged social media, virtual reality and real life to encourage students to explore campus and build relationships with one another.