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Paula Donnelly

Paula Donnelly works with Cornerstone Theater Company where she is an ensemble & staff member. As Director of Engagement, produces Institute programs that teach and share methodology for integrating community and aesthetic values, works to strengthen community relationships and to contribute to the expansion of community-based theater. She helps imagine and implement engagement values in all aspects of Cornerstone's work. Paula lives in Los Angeles, California, her hometown.

A treasure map.
Cornerstone Theater Company’s California Bridge Tour

Cornerstone Theater Company’s California Bridge Tour

Weedpatch, CA

10 October 2014

"California: The Tempest" is performing in ten communities around the state. Ten is a lot of towns: ten unique environments, climates, venues, population demographics, and ten previous relationships with the company. Cornerstone is inherently responsive to the unique needs of the communities we collaborate with; even though we know how some things will go, we are always adjusting.