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Paz Pardo

Playwright & Translator

Paz Pardo’s plays include Milton, MI (LTC Carnaval reading 2018, Bay Area Playwrights Festival Finalist 2016), Movimiento Perpetuo/Perpetual Motion, which she has performed in 11 cities in three countries, Duct Tape Girl and Fetish Chick Conquer the World (BootStrap Theater Foundation), RubberMatch (RED CARAVAN), and YOU/EMMA (Wandering Bark Theatre Co), which garnered the NYIT Award for best solo performance for performer Valerie Redd. She and Enrique Lozano are the Grande/Bravo translation team. Her writing has appeared in The Brooklyn Review, Encountering Ensemble, Howlround, and the upcoming I Scream Social Anthology. MFA in Playwriting, Michener Center for Writers at UT Austin. BA, Stanford. Fulbright Award, Buenos Aires, 2012.

Wide photo of the Buenos Aires skyline.
Take (more than) Five

Take (more than) Five

The Argentine Production Model

26 May 2013

Paz Pardo explores the theatre models of the United States and Argentina.