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Richard Newman

RICHARD NEWMAN is Co-director of The Hinterlands. He was an ensemble member of Double Edge Theatre from 2004- 2008 where he co-created numerous performances including Republic of Dreams and the UnPOSSESSED. He was an artist in residence with The Dell’Arte Company (Blue Lake, CA) and founded the Breaking Bread Project - a multi-year collaboration between artists in the U.S. and the Balkans. He has led workshops and trainings at universities and theatres around the world. Richard recently directed, co-created, and performed The Circuit with The Hinterlands, using the lens of vaudeville to explore contemporary American common culture and subcultures. Richard also composes electronic music and DJ’s techno at venues throughout Detroit.

Friday Phone Call # 42

Friday Phone Call # 42

Richard Newman of The Hinterlands Ensemble, Detroit

16 August 2012

Listen to weekly podcasts hosted by David Dower as he interviews theater artists from around the country to highlight #newplay bright spots. This week: Richard Newman, co-director of The Hinterland Ensemble.