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Robb Hutter

Robb Hutter, MFA, brings to Philly Senior Stage thirty years of professional experience as an actor, director and teacher. He was artistic director of Temple University’s Full Circle Intergenerational Theatre, an educational theatre company whose mission was to use theatre as a vehicle to help audiences explore issues of social and personal concern. He designed and conducted over 1500 interactive performances and workshops on issues as diverse as healthy aging, sexual harassment and team work in the workplace.

Robb specializes in devising original theatre pieces from the life experiences of population groups as diverse as mental health patients, Palestinian and Israeli youth in Israel and Innuit Eskimoes in Canada.  In Mankato, Minnesota, Robb helped a group of elderly women create a musical theatre production that influenced the city council to improve the elders’ housing. 

Robb earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Toronto’s York University and has portrayed favorite roles off-Broadway in New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and Jerusalem. 

Robb is passionate about helping seniors discover their innate creativity and talent, as they explore their seasoned and playful spirits.

“If any of you drop dead before the next performance, I’ll kill you!”

“If any of you drop dead before the next performance, I’ll kill you!”

Interview with Robb Hutter on Working With Seniors in Retirement Communities

17 December 2015

Henrik Eger interviews Robb Hutter about his work with Philly Senior Stage.