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Roman Baca

Roman Baca is a Marine Iraq War Veteran and the Artistic Director of Exit12 Dance Company in NYC. Mr. Baca’s work exposes the impact of war through choreography and storytelling.  Exit12’s combination of performances and workshops have toured the world partnering with traditional and non-traditional performance venues.  In 2015 Mr. Baca was inducted into the New York State Veteran Hall of Fame for his artistic and cultural diplomacy, and veteran advocacy.

Mr. Baca holds a BA in Performing Arts from St. Mary’s College of CA, is currently a Master’s Candidate in Nonprofit Management at Columbia University, and was recommended as a semi-finalist for a 2017 Fulbright award.

The Business of War Dancing

The Business of War Dancing

Exit12 Dance Company’s Aggressed and This is War

11 March 2017

Artistic Director Roman Baca discusses Aggressed and This is War, two dance theatre pieces by Exit12 Dance Company inspired by indigenous war dances.