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Ruth Kanner is a creator of experimental theater. Her company, the Local Tales Theater Group, based in Tel Aviv, has been engaged since 1998 in exploring the deep struggles of its own surroundings, interweaving storytelling, physical theater and visual imagery. Recently, Kanner is developing Speech Chorus events, giving voice to re-examination of Israeli hegemonic narratives, some of them are bilingual works, in Hebrew and Arabic. Kanner is a Professor at the Department of Theater Arts at Tel Aviv University, teaching Speech Acts and Storytelling techniques. Kanner also directs regularly at Theater X-Cai, Tokyo, and conducts workshops worldwide

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Throw Away the Script

Throw Away the Script

How Ruth Kanner Uses Stories to Amplify a Polyphony of Voices

16 June 2020

Flo Low interviews Israeli theatremaker Ruth Kanner about what she calls “storytelling theatre,” her experience teaching in an American classroom, the impact of cross-cultural exchange, and more.