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Salma Abu Ayyash

Salma is a Palestinian American, born in Jordan, and a Cambridge, MA resident. She's an engineer by training, a social justice activist by disposition (and necessity), and is currently an adjunct faculty teaching Math and Engineering courses at various colleges. Salma is passionate about collective liberation and is always inspired by and searching for ways to integrate the arts with activism. She is a founding member of the Center for Arabic Culture where she served on their board of directors for two years, and a founding member and former curator and PR representative for the Boston Palestine Film Festival for five years. She is currently a board of directors member at Company One Theatre. Salma is also an actor; she has been in several local theatre productions, most importantly Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo   at Company One Theatre, and Incendies at The Theatre Project in Maine. 

Indeed, Disgraced

Indeed, Disgraced

20 March 2016

Salma Abu Ayyash considers the missed opportunity for Ayd Akhtar’s Disgraced to challenge Islamphobia and the intersection of oppressions.