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Scott Artley

Scott Artley is a multidisciplinary cultural producer and nonprofit leader based in Minneapolis.

Scott Artley is a multidisciplinary cultural producer and nonprofit leader whose practice spans visual art, performance, curation, and organizational leadership. From 2014 to 2018, he served as performing arts curator and then executive artistic director of Patrick’s Cabaret in Minneapolis, a grassroots queer performance art incubator with a history of provocative and inclusive work. Before that, he worked with the Minnesota Fringe Festival, Southern Theater, Mixed Blood Theatre, and the Walker Art Center, among others, before establishing his own independent consulting firm Collective Creation in 2012. Maintaining an active parallel career as a performance and visual artist, he explores his own creative practice through storytelling, performance art, alternative drag, social arts events, archival methodologies, sculpture, and illustration. You can find him on LinkedIn and @ScottArtley on Twitter.

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The Final Act

The Final Act

Sunsetting a Nonprofit Arts Organization

23 October 2018

Scott Artley talks about the decision to wind down activities of Patrick’s Cabaret in Minneapolis after over thirty years on the scene and details the steps taken to “sunset” the organization in a respectful, beautiful way.