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Scott Heron

Scott Heron is a movement-based performance artist living in New Orleans. He began dancing at Colorado College, spent six years studying and performing with Deborah Hay in Austin, TX and then landed in New York’s East Village in the 1980s. There he gravitated to the downtown dance improv and performance art world centered around Performance Space 122 and Movement Research. His solo and group theater works have been commissioned and produced in practically every downtown venue including The Kitchen, La Mama ETC, Dance Theater Workshop, Franklin Furnace, and PS 122. He has performed with the Deborah Hay Dance Company and interpreted Hay’s choreography on his own. He is a juggler, stilt-walker, rope walker, acrobat, and founding member of Jennifer Miller’s Circus Amok, bringing free queer circus to New York City parks for a dozen years. He received a 2003 New York Dance and Performance (“Bessie”) award. He recently finished a two year project in collaboration with Brussels-based Thomas Hauert/Zoo, touring extensively in Europe, Canada, and the US. He has collaborated with HIJACK dance of Minneapolis for fifteen years making work together and touring in New York, Russia, Minneapolis, and New Orleans. Most recently he made Twink Spree Melee in collaboration with Layard Thompson, Lights up a tragedy for the American Realness Festival, and is developing Appalachian Spring Break, a duet with musician Brendan Connelly.

Work-in-Process Showing at the Distillery Artist Residency

Work-in-Process Showing at the Distillery Artist Residency

Monday 10 August 2015
New Orleans, LA, United States
Age and Visibility in Dance

Age and Visibility in Dance

DISTILLERY interview with Kesha McKey and Scott Heron

8 August 2015

Emilie Whelan facilitates an interview between dancers Kesha McKey and Scott Heron about age, visibility, and setting their choreography on the bodies of other dancers.