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Selina Thompson

Writer, Artist, Performer

Selina Thompson is an artist and performer based in Birmingham. Her work is playful, participatory and intimate, focused on the politics of identity, and how this defines our bodies, lives and environments. She has made work for pubs, cafes, hairdressers, toilets, and sometimes even galleries and theatres, including Spill Festival of Performance, The National Theatre Studio, The Birmingham REP, East Street Arts and the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

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Radical Disruptions

Radical Disruptions

How Intergenerational Exchange Builds Community

22 September 2019
Conversations Across Generations
screen shot of a tweet by @pangmeli that reads "I’m all for activist communities, queer communities etc, but communities are few and far between. what we have more of are scenes. Two signs that it’s a scene: it doesn’t have multiple generations (children, elders) and the members all have a suspiciously similar aesthetic."

Conversations Across Generations

Dialogues with UK based Performance Artists

Each of the dialogues in this series speaks of the connection between political activism, creativity, and spirituality— and highlights the importance of intergenerational knowledge-sharing for the future of the Live Arts and Theatre sectors of the UK.