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Sherry Jo Ward

Sherry Jo Ward is an actor, writer, instructor and professional theatre administrator, disabled since January, 2015 from a rare neuromuscular disease. Her autobiographical show, STIFF received Dallas Theatre Critics' Forum Awards for writing and acting and a Dallas Column Award for best actress as well as a Kathleen Freeman Spirit Award. STIFF was also nominated for several Broadway World (Dallas Awards) and special citations from Baylor Health and the National Organization of Rare Diseases. BA Degree in Theatre from Abilene Christian University ('95) and MFA from University of Alabama/Alabama Shakespeare Festival.


Representation and Ability On Stage in Dallas, Texas

Representation and Ability On Stage in Dallas, Texas

28 June 2018

Shelby-Allison Hibbs interviews director Marianne T. Galloway and theatre administrator and actor Sherry Jo Ward about representation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and what it’s like to create theatre with their unique physical challenges.