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Sue Melvill

Sue and Rick Melvill are the founders and creative directors of Unplugged. Sue and Rick have a creative and production partnership that began in 1991. Sue is a product of Durban Girls College and Natal University (BA Drama Hons). While Rick entered the Event and Production Industry as a Copywriter and Scriptwriter, Sue came via Professional Theatre. She was a founder member of Durban’s acclaimed Loft Theatre Company and studied in Paris under Physical Theatre Guru Jacques Le Coq at the Jacque Le Coq ecole du Mime et Movement et Theatre. Rick founded the award winning Production and Event Company "The Blue Moon Company" in 1998. Sue joined Blue Moon in 1991 and as a creative team they developed and pioneered the medium of Industrial Theatre.

Industrial Theatre – Born in South Africa

Industrial Theatre – Born in South Africa

11 October 2015

South African producer Sue Melvill writes about the founding and success of Industrial Theatre—theatre in the workplace.