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Sulu LeoNimm

Joker at Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, theater-maker.

Sulu has worked with TONYC since 2011 as a Joker, facilitating Forum Theatre Troupes at the Ali Forney Center, Hetrick-Martin Institute, the Staten Island Youth Justice Center, and CASES Queens Justice Corps. As Program Director, they support the planning for TONYC's Forum Theatre Troupes, the organization's workshops, and the joker team's training in & investigation of Theatre of the Oppressed. Sulu has been a Brooklyn-based theater artist and physical theater performer since 2003, enthralled with making ensemble-devised work. They are co-founder of Pack of Others, have performed with the South Wing, in the premiere of Mac Wellman's 3 2's and Afar, and worked with ensembles including Blessed Unrest, East Third Ensemble, Aeolian Theater, Denver's LIDA Project and Seattle's Nebunele Theatre.

The cover of a book called The Wildcard Workbook: A Practical Guide for Jokering Forum Theatre. It is purple and yellow.
The Wildcard Workbook: Why Forum Theatre and Why Now?

The Wildcard Workbook: Why Forum Theatre and Why Now?

15 November 2022

Theatremakers Sulu LeoNimm, Liz Morgan, and Katy Rubin discuss the process of co-authoring The Wildcard Workbook, a guide designed to help others in the field delve into Theatre of the Oppressed practices and devised theatre processes.

Working With(In) Communities/ Trabajando Con y Para la Comunidad

Working With(In) Communities/ Trabajando Con y Para la Comunidad

Modeling Decolonized Practices/Las Practicas Hacia La Descolonización

31 May 2018

Director Megan Sandberg-Zakian talks with representatives of organizations which are intentionally working towards decolonized practices.

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