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Taysha Canales

Taysha Canales is an actor working primarily in the greater Philadelphia area. As a Nuyorican (a native New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent!), she have always had a burning desire to incorporate the culture and history of her people into her art. Just as Rita Moreno, Lin Manuel Miranda and Gina Rodriguez, she wants to be known as a Puerto Rican American who is committed to breaking barriers through Art. Taysha’s dedicated work to theatre for young audiences as a performer and a Teaching Artist are tied to her aspirations to educate and inspire generations of children to be proud of who they are and unafraid to be themselves.

“How was Romania?”

“How was Romania?”

Reflections on the Temps D’Image Festival in Cluj

2 April 2017

A report on the Temps D’Image Festival in Cluj, Romania, from the perspectives of “Surfing” fellows Sydonia Lucchesi, Sam Silbiger, and Taysha Canales.