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ted witzel

director, programmer, educator, and strategist; these days in toronto, canada.

ted witzel (he/him) is a queer theatre-maker, programmer, educator, and strategist, currently based in toronto. he has worked in theatres in berlin, vancouver, montreal, stratford, ottawa, london, milan, palermo, stuttgart, ingolstadt, baden-baden and bad hersfeld, which is a small town with a lot of sheep in it. well, near it. ted is currently the artistic associate for the stratford festival lab, where he oversees the festival’s research and development initiatives, and is also artistic director of the red light district. in 2019, ted was an artistic leadership resident at the national theatre school of canada and a member of the banff centre for arts and creativity's cultural leadership cohort. he has been an artist-in-residence at buddies in bad times theatre, harbourfront centre and institut für alles mögliche. ted is a graduate of york university/canadian stage’s MFA directing program and holds a BA from the university of toronto. in 2016 he won the kevin spacey foundation’s artist of choice award, which was a much less dubious honour back then. recent directing credits include: the scavenger’s daughter (buddies/paradigm) LULU // aspects of a femme fatale (buddies/red light district). thisisnttaedon.com

Where the Wars of Self-Definition are Fought

Where the Wars of Self-Definition are Fought

19 May 2020

ted witzel, artistic associate for the Stratford Festival Lab in Ontario, Canada, introduces his series based on learnings from the Lab’s recent explorations under a mission of “gesturing toward a decolonial canon.”

Beyond the Western Canon
a group of performers pose on different levels

Beyond the Western Canon

Canons act as both aspirational mirrors and genealogies for societies, but they also go beyond reflecting an image: they define how we make work and who is invited into the studio, on whose terms.