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Digital + Performance Convening

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Kingston, Ontario 12 June 2019

SpiderWebShow Performance and HowlRound co-produced a one day Digital + Performance Convening that brought together up to fifty practitioners, curators, and scholars from the US and Canada working at the intersection of performance and digital technology for a day of discussion that aims to break open assumptions and reveal future possibilities for the art form. Goal included to 1) To interrogate where is digital technology now within the performance landscape, 2) to demonstrate the value of digital and explore its potential, and 3) to share knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and concrete tools to improve the integration of digital and live performance. See the full list of attendees and check out the agenda here.

“As an artist, I didn’t ask for, all of a sudden, my choreographic practice to be about computer science and media. Over the last decade, it became apparent that, despite my lack of training in such matters, I needed to understand choreography more capaciously, as an art form that could contend with emerging, mixed reality technologies."—Sidney Skybetter

“What are we disrupting and why?”—Sage Crump, Complex Movements

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This event kicked off the 2019 foldA, a Festival of Live Digital Art—an annual event that investigates the ways digital and online technologies are transforming the performing arts. The festival features livestreams, live performances, hands-on workshops, and conversations with some of Canada’s innovative artists.

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