Friday Phone Call # 8

Philip Bither of The Walker



I have been trailing around after Philip Bither for a decade at this point—ever since I first heard him thinking out loud at the New Works New Ways gathering in Portland, Oregon, in 2002. He’s one of an amazing group of presenters who are able to balance the needs of an institution and a community with the needs of a form and its artists. We cram a lot of stuff in to this little call. Some of it we'll be unpacking in other conversations around HowlRound. There’s a bit about the longstanding drive to foster fluidity between the producing and presenting worlds on behalf of artists. There’s a bit about connecting the larger purpose and preoccupations of The Walker to the local theatre community. And about the audience’s appetite for new forms and new works as it looks from his vantage point there. Listen to the list of projects and artists he talks about, and the way he talks about supporting them. Philip is someone I can always count on to make me feel we can, and do, make progress even as we make work.

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