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Live Webcast & Twitter Discussions for Beyond the Building

Performing Arts and Transforming Place—#PerformPlace—Mon, Nov 3



The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), with support from ArtPlace America, is hosting a convening that examines how performance-based organizations, and the artists they engage, transform places through their artistic practices: Beyond the Building: Performing Arts and Transforming Place.

This multiplatform convening will be live webcasted on Monday, November 3, 2014, from 6am PST to 2pm PST / 7am MST to 3pm MST / 8am CST to 4pm CST / 9am EST to 5pm EST. 

To register for the live webcast, go to the NEA's webinar page

The goal of the event is to create an opportunity for sharing experiences and exchanging key points of view that will benefit creative placemaking practices in the performing arts realm. The onsite participants include 26 representatives from dance, music, theater, and multidisciplinary organizations along with national arts leaders and are listed on the Beyond the Building webpage. The conversation will be facilitated by Barbara Schaffer Bacon, author, teacher, and co-director of Americans for the Arts' Animating Democracy initiative.

As detailed on the day's agenda, snapshot case studies and breakout sessions will punctuate the group discussions. Twitter chats on the convening’s topics will be led by HowlRound's Vijay Mathew at #PerformPlace. The morning's chat at 7:45am PST / 8:45am MST / 9:45am CST / 10:45am EST will focus on "When is performance placemaking?" while the afternoon chat  at 12:15pm PST / 1:15pm MST / 2:15pm CST / 3:15pm EST looks at "What are the opportunities and challenges to performing arts organizations engaging in placemaking strategies?"

Participant bios and other resources will be posted on the convening page in the days leading to and during the convening. The webcast will be archived and posted on the NEA webinar page after the event.

For more information on the NEA's creative placemaking work go to the Partnership section of the NEA website. 


Photo courtesy of the City of Providence Department of Art, Culture, and Tourism

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