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Trans Theatre Artists Convening

5-6 December 2015 in New York City at New Dramatists.

The Trans Theatre Artists Convening was produced by HowlRound and hosted by New Dramatists in New York City. The convening grew out of a conversation between Sylvan Oswald, P. Carl, MJ Kaufman, and Kate Bornstein (who was unable to attend), and was attended by approximately twenty trans theatre artists from across the United States, supported by staff from HowlRound and New Dramatists.

14 trans artists posing for a picture on the steps of New Dramatists.

14 trans artists smiling and laughing for a picture on steps.

Two trans artists holding up a large paper with meeting notes.

A drawing of notes on a large post-it note made to look like the front page of The New York Times.

Two artists holding a large post-it note with a drawing of a spider web diagram.

Close-up of the spider web diagram post-it note.

An artist presenting notes from the meeting, being held up by another participant.

Close-up of a large paper with the words anniversary of the Global Theatre initiative.