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2023 LTC Designer and Director Colaboratorio

A collage of photos of participants from Colaboratorio.

Photos by Roy Arauz.

The Latinx Theatre Commons (LTC)'s 2023 LTC Designer and Director Colaboratorio took place from 28 June - 2 July 2023 in Portland, OR. The event was hosted by Northwest Children’s Theater, Portland State University, and World Stage Theatre.

Colaboratorio was a five-day series of learning opportunities designed to encourage authentic creative expressions and collaboration between Latinx designers and directors. The event fostered alternative communication models for production teams, challenging the typical director-driven model.

Colaboratorio was documented by a group of participants who were designated scholars/documentarians.

The event was co-championed by four theatre practitioners: Tara Houston (Ashland, OR), Daniel Jáquez (San Diego, CA), Dámaso Rodriguez (Portland, OR), and Pamela Rodríguez-Montero (Santa Cruz, CA). In the original event announcement, the co-champions shared, “The planning process has been a warm collaboration, pairing designers and directors in the decision-making process. While energizing and experimental, the team has also been able to hold the project to constraints which center its purpose and audience, showing the rewarding possibilities of working in decentralized spaces.”

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What the Colaboratorio illuminated is that play—a necessary component of collaboration—is more important than ever. The false premise of a weekend to focus on process without the obligation to solidify a plan for a show...generated possibilities we cannot imagine within the constraints of our production-oriented realities.—Carla Della Gatta

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