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You read reviews anyway, why not strengthen American Theatre while you're at it? The New York Times Critic Watch survey at nytcriticwatch.com takes 5 minutes and adds your voice to the building pool of curious folks who want understand:  

  • What kind of power prominent reviews have over new plays?
  • What tonal and contextual patterns emerge with most reviews?
  • What kind of show reviewed in what month gets the "best" reviews?


Take a read, help us out, make theatre stronger.


We think that this community-fueled project will give us data to challenge or confirm our experiences and ideas about the interaction between critics and theatre-makers. Take a read, help us out, make theatre stronger. Follow us on Twitter @NYTCriticWatch and tag #NewPlay to participate in the discussion.

Thoughts from the curator

A reader-fueled experiment attempting to chart the NYT's effect on American theatre.

New York Times Critic Watch Project


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