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Aaron Landsman

Theater-maker, questioner and teacher. 

Aaron Landsman is a 2017-19 Abrons Arts Center Social Practice Artist In Residence, and a recent Guggenheim Fellow and Princeton Arts Fellow. His projects have been presented in New York by The Foundry Theatre, Abrons, PS 122, The Chocolate Factory, and HERE. From 2012-14 his participatory work City Council Meeting, created with Mallory Catlett and Jim Findlay, was presented in five US cities. He is in year three of a 20-year art and activism project called Perfect City and developing an international collaboration about translation and oligarchy called Language Reversal. He has taught at and guest lectured widely. As a performer, Aaron has appeared with Elevator Repair Service, Richard Maxwell, Tory Vazquez, Tim Etchells, Julia Jarcho and Andea Kleine. His writing has been published in several journals, and he has a chapter in the book A Moment on the Clock of the World, edited by Melanie Joseph and David Bruin.

Three actors read from scripts onstage.
City Council Meeting

City Council Meeting

Theater of Tiny Disjuncture

14 May 2012

Aaron Landsman on the purpose and process on the collaborative piece City Council Meeting.

Two actors, a man and a woman, act in a small theater.
Asking Everyone To Act

Asking Everyone To Act

23 March 2011

Aaron Landsman's new project in development, City Council Meeting, is an attempt to democratically include audience participation in the narrative of a play.

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