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Adam Marple

Co-Artistic Director of The Theatre of Others, Co-Host of The Theatre of Others Podcast, Project Lead of The COP28 Sustainable Theatre Network

Adam Marple is the Co-Artistic Director of the internationally recognized The Theatre of Others and the co-host of The Theatre of Others Podcast (with listeners in over 80 countries and in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide). He is also the founder of The Sustainable Theatre Network, an international partnership of over 15 theatre schools and organizations from every continent dedicated to researching, creating, codifying, and amplifying less wasteful theatre practices worldwide for use at all levels of theatre-making. Accessible as an Open Source/Creative Commons website https://www.sustainable-theatre.org

He has been practicing and teaching The Viewpoints for over twenty-five years having worked with its founders Mary Overlie, Anne Bogart, and Tina Landau. His research centers on the expansion and testing of The Viewpoints as an Interdisciplinary and Transcultural pedagogy. Published: The Viewpoints as Transcultural Pedagogy in Western Theatre in Global Contexts: Directing and Teaching Culturally Inclusive Drama around the World (Routledge) and Applying the Viewpoints to Multimedia Performance (Global Performance Studies)

Retooling Green Tools for Theatre in Africa
event poster for Retooling Green Tool for Theatre in Africa.

Retooling Green Tools for Theatre in Africa

Insights from Practitioners

Wednesday 19 July 2023
Egypt, Ghana