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Alberto Justiniano

Alberto Justiniano: Director, playwright, filmmaker, and an imperfect, curious human being –“Reflection is the fuel of growth”

Alberto Justiniano is one of the founders and Artistic Director of Teatro del Pueblo.

He curates Teatro's Political Theater series and the Latino/Asian Fusion series with

Pangea World Theater. He has been active as a director, playwright, screenwriter, 

and independent producer for both film and theater. His community-based work

has integrated the creation of art by community members in ways that engage

participants in social justice issues. His honors include the 1993 Many Voices

Residency Award, St Paul Companies 1994 Leadership and Arts Award, 2009

Fransico Rosales Community Award, the 2012 Target Community Award, and the

2013 Pangea Social Justice Award.

An actress stands onstage in front of a shadow puppet of a man on a horse.
Perspectives from Two Teatros Doing the Work

Perspectives from Two Teatros Doing the Work

3 January 2024

Alberto Justiniano and Milta Ortiz, artistic leaders at Teatro del Pueblo and Borderlands Theater, respectively, have to balance organizational leadership and prioritizing their art. They discuss this work and the ways they engage their Latine communities while providing them with avenues to reflect on social justice issues. 

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