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Ana Dinger

Ana Dinger is a PhD Candidate in Culture Studies (Lisbon Consortium program) at the Faculty of Human Sciences from the Catholic University of Portugal and researcher affiliated to CECC (Research Centre for Communication and Culture). Her research has been supported by a fellowship disbursed by FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) and focuses on metonymic processes involved in the construction of continuity of performance-based artworks. Holder of a degree in Sculpture by the Faculty of Fine-Arts of the University of Lisbon and a post-graduation in Contemporary Art by the Catholic University of Portugal, she also has training in dance, having attended the Higher School of Dance in Lisbon (2003/2004) and the Choreographic Research and Creation Course of ForumDança (Porto edition, 2003). The inter and transdisciplinary background has supported the writing of published and unpublished essays and academic articles on subjects related to the visual and performative arts. As part of her artistic research, she joined the project Topias Urbanas (commissioned by Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, Lisbon) and is one of the resident collaborators of AND I Research Centre for Art-Thinking & Politics of Togetherness, working together with artist, anthropologist and founder Fernanda Eugénio in one of the lines of research - Metalogue & Co-Operation. Five editions of their collaborative Metalogue Series took place since 2015, a series of situated and performative conversations that can result in forms as diverse as a card game, a lecture-performance written in real time or a task-oriented performance in a garden.

The Role Theatre Can Play in the Emergence of “Places of Listening”

The Role Theatre Can Play in the Emergence of “Places of Listening”

12 April 2018

Ana Dinger explores theatre as a “place of listening” through the work of Mónica Calle and Rui Catalão.