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Andrew Pearson

Movement based educator, performer, and maker. Facilitator of Bodies in Play.

Andrew Pearson is a Los Angeles based dance and movement-based educator, performer, and creator. He has been presenting work in LA for over 10 years and is the founder and facilitator of Bodies in Play. To facilitate simply means "to make easier" and that's exactly what he does - ease the process of turning curiosity into play and play into performance, for himself, his students, his collaborators, and his audiences. He is currently on faculty at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and The Art of Acting Studio, as well as working as Program Coordinator for Saint Mary’s College of California’s LEAP Program.

Two actors, standing behind two other actors, with one hand on their mouths. The actors with their mouths covered have both arms out.
Returning to Theatre with Enthusiastic Consent

Returning to Theatre with Enthusiastic Consent

11 May 2021

Andrew Pearson uses consent as a framework to discuss retuning to in-person theatre after the pandemic.

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