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Annie G. Levy

Theatre maker, director, and educator. Currently serves as the Artistic Director of Emerson Stage.

Annie G. Levy is a theatre maker and producing artist specializing in works concerning mythology, historical turning points, and scientific breakthroughs. Levy is a founding member of the World Wide Lab (WWL), an international director’s collective and theatre laboratory with an emphasis on cross-cultural dialogue through experiments in co-directing, and has developed and directed new work with various theatres in her hometown of NYC. She has curated and line-produced live experiences that range from ongoing literary reading series to fundraising events to walk-through theatre pieces for multi-generational audiences. As an educator, Levy has created and taught courses for all levels of theatre makers and theatre directors. Her research explores the relationship between embodied cognition and physical theatre and the integration of theatre and STEM subjects with college-aged populations to create more fluid science literacy. Levy is the Artistic Director of Emerson Stage at Emerson College, in Boston, MA. www.annieglevy.com

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Step One, Collaborate: Emerson Stage Plans a Season

Step One, Collaborate: Emerson Stage Plans a Season

1 March 2022

Annie G. Levy shares how Emerson Stage works to make their season selection process as open, collaborative, and student-driven as possible.