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Arthur S. DeGroat

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Art DeGroat, Ed.D is the founder/executive director of Military & Veterans Affairs at Kansas State University.  A former combat-decorated U.S. Army officer, he has conducted research and evidence-based practice in assisting veteran’s transition to higher education, the workforce and to reintegration back into civil society.  His recent research project defines the lived experience of post-military transition as a life event. He currently serves several, prominent Veteran Service Organizations (VSO); and is recognized as an advocate for the use of performing arts as a catalyst for social change regarding Post 9-11 era veteran's reintegration. 

Communicating the Human Experience of War—Through Art

Communicating the Human Experience of War—Through Art

8 March 2017

Dr. Arthur S. DeGroat writes about the power art has to accurately communicate the experience of war, and the importance of that in our current era.