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Ashley Malafronte

Ashley Malafronte directs, researches, teaches, adapts, and writes theatre (and other theatre-adjacent bits of magic).

Ashley Malafronte is utterly obsessed with stories and the people who tell them. A Brooklyn-based director, writer, and scholar, Ashley received her BA from Muhlenberg College & her MA from the University of Texas- Austin. As a scholar, Ashley geeks out on organizational structures and researches the aesthetics, mechanics, and economics of theatrical adaptation. She has adapted and directed work across the United States and in Ireland, and she's a sucker for any performance with real food, fake rain, and/or live-feed projections.

Ashley Malafronte in a black shirt and kakis painting on a stone wall.
Internships are Dead. Long Live Internships.

Internships are Dead. Long Live Internships.

22 July 2021

Ashley Malafronte and Michael DeWhatley ask: How can future-minded theatres revolutionize their internship programs to create a more diverse, reciprocal, and mutually beneficial set of initiatives?