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Audra Almond-Harvey

Audra Almond-Harvey is the founding and presiding Executive Director of abrasiveMedia, which has facilitated over 500 artists since 2004, helping them grow, connect, produce, and give back to their communities. She is currently working on a collection of poetry and short stories about her life entitled Instead of Dying, I Wrote This Book. Audra specializes in world-building which she expresses through writing, design, event planning, and creative production, and most recently crafted the narrative for Haunted, a Southern-Gothic site-responsive performance that was not a play in Nashville, TN. www.abrasivemedia.org www.hauntedproject.com

Cartography of Flood Plains

Cartography of Flood Plains

24 April 2018

Audra Almond-Harvey, executive director of abrasiveMedia, explores Nashville, Tennessee’s evolution as a city since the flood of 2010.