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Ben Asaykwee

Ben Asaykweeis an actor, director, composer and playwright living in Indianapolis.  He is also the Artistic Director of original works organization Q Artistry. These two things go well together at times.  At times they do not.  And sometimes they collide together in such a way that dinosaurs, bowling pins, and unicorns dance in rainbow circles of awesomeness. And other times not so much. His work has been heard and/or seen throughout the midwest at many lovely places, including The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Lilly Theatre, Bailiwick Repertory (Chicago), the University of Indianapolis, Light Opera Works Chicago, and Indy Fringe.

Cabaret Poe poster.
Pursuing Originality in Indianapolis Theater

Pursuing Originality in Indianapolis Theater

Q Artistry

19 February 2014

We often discuss originality at Q Artistry, an Indianapolis based new works theater organization. We debate it and comb over it with dirty, bloody brushes or pluck at it with a solitary virgin pick. And we always come up with different answers. From talking bowling pins to singing bunnies, we've presented ideas in theater form that were brand new or re-imagined. We've set Edgar Allan Poe to theatrical music in "Cabaret Poe" and turned the villain from the oldest poem known to man into an experience for audiences in "Grendel".