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Ben Fink

Ben Fink started at Appel Farm as a theatre student when he was twelve. He now works there as Head of Theatre and Creative Writing and Community Engagement Manager. Somewhere along the way he got a PhD in cultural studies, taught for several years at the University of Minnesota, served on the board of directors of Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, founded a theatre company in Chicago, worked as dramaturg on the German-language premieres of two Broadway musicals, performed with professional choral ensembles in Connecticut and Minneapolis (including once with Garrison Keillor), and ran trainings and workshops in community-based theatre in several states and in Germany. Ben’s theatre research has been published in the journal Theater Topics, and his book The Problem With Education Technology (Hint: It’s Not the Technology), co-authored with Robin Brown, is forthcoming from Utah State University Press.

Constructing a Bridge Culture

Constructing a Bridge Culture

23 March 2015

Ben Fink explores why the collaboration between Pregones and Roadside works, and what it could mean for the community he works with in southern New Jersey.