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Blair Cadden

Blair Cadden (she/her/hers) is a director, playwright, and teaching artist currently pursuing an MFA in Directing at Boston University.

Blair Cadden is a Boston-based director, playwright, and teaching artist. Blair is originally from Charleston, SC, where she co-founded 5th Wall Productions and served as its artistic director for four years, before relocating to pursue her MFA in directing from Boston University. Recent directing credits include Time Stands Still, Polaroid Stories, Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them, and her own contemporary-language adaptation of The Seagull. She is passionate about stories that explore the messiness of being human. She also has a strong love of mythology, movie theatre popcorn, and her dog Moe.

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Unblurred Lines

Unblurred Lines

The Role of Consent in Immersive Theatre

8 July 2020

Blair Cadden explores how immersive theatre can adopt BDSM practices—including negotiations, safewords, and aftercare—to create safer experiences for both actors and audience members.