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Brandon Woolf

Brandon Woolf is a theater maker and doctoral candidate in Performance Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a co-founder of SHAKESPEARE IM PARK BERLIN, a multi-lingual, site-specific performance ensemble. Brandon is currently based in Berlin at work on a dissertation about cultural policy and contemporary performance in Berlin after the end of the Cold War. His essays have appeared in Theatre JournalTDR: The Drama ReviewThe Arts Politic, and in a forthcoming collection on Postdramatic Theater and the Political. His work has been supported by the Fulbright Foundation, the DAAD, the Berlin Program for Advanced Studies, and the Program for Critical Theory at UC Berkeley. 

Two performers embrace each other with their foreheads touching.
Towards a Performance Ethics of Cohabitation?

Towards a Performance Ethics of Cohabitation?

18 February 2013

Brandon Woolf reflects on the cultural clashes and queer-antagonistic responses to the public performance of UtopiaTM by the ensemble of Shakespeare im Park Berlin in Görlitzer Park.

Occupy, Hope, Exchange

Occupy, Hope, Exchange

A (Sort of) Travelogue

6 February 2012


Brandon Woolf describes what he learned from taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement at University of California Berkley, and how that applies to creating theater that embraces Occupy's spirit of public openness.


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