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Catherine Barry

Catherine Barry was born in Dublin in 1963 and is a poet, short story writer, playwright, and published author. Her fist novel The House that Jack Built was published in 2001, then, her second Null and Void in 2002, and her third Skindeep in 2004. Her fourth book Charlie and Me: a factual story, was published in 2011. Her books have been translated and published in many European countries. 

 Catherine's poems and short stories have appeared in numerous short story anthologies, most notably Irish Girls about Town (2002), and Moments (2005)—in aid of Tsunami victims. Her short stories "The 28th Day" and "A Colorful Marriage" went on to be published several times in magazines and newspapers worldwide. 

Catherine wrote her first short play, The Deal, which was part of The Ranelagh Arts Festival in  2014/15. It was included in the 'Angels in the park' ensemble which toured Dublin's major parks, The play went on to be staged in The Irish Cultural Arts Centre in Paris on June 13th this year to commemorate WB Yeats 150th birthday. It was also staged in London on June 16th to commemorate 'Bloomsday'. Catherine adapted her last book Charlie and Me for stage also. It was directed by Peter Sheridan and had its first run in a Dublin theater in February 2014. The play was warmly received and is set for its second run in the Autumn of 2015. 

From Author to Playwright in Six Easy Steps

From Author to Playwright in Six Easy Steps

11 August 2015

Author and playwright Catherine Barry reflects on her transition from writing novels to plays and gives advice for emerging author-playwrights.