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Chloe Hyman

Arts and culture writer with a penchant for the monstrous, the uncanny, and the sacred.

Chloe Hyman is an arts and culture writer born and raised in New York City. She holds an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art and a BA in Art History from Tufts University. Her research explores the cultural significance of monster bodies in historical propaganda and their subversion in contemporary art, theatre, and cinema. Central themes include the construction of stereotypes, sexuality, sacrality, and the uncanny. Chloe founded the art journalism platform Canvas and Crumpets and teaches art history at Arts Club NYC. She is also a vintage dealer and stylist, with a particular fondness for psychedelic 1960s prints.

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Specters of Queer Trauma in Nosferatu, The Vampyr

Specters of Queer Trauma in Nosferatu, The Vampyr

4 August 2020

Chloe Hyman reflects on M Sloth Levine’s play Nosferatu, The Vampyr, which she believes serves to dismantle anti-Semitic tropes, due to the fact that Jewishness and queerness are inextricably bound in vampire lore.