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Chris Casquilho

Perambulator, perspicator, lovable scamp, bawd of euphony, DIY jargoneer.

Chris Casquilho is an arts advocate. He attended The University of Montana when he was younger (because he grew up there). Due to a certain facility with the language (stemming possibly from being born in the same town as John Steinbeck), he got an English major. Thanks largely to the Missoula Children’s Theatre, he fell in with a bunch of well-meaning theatre types, which lead naturally to performing vaudeville; teaching children’s theatre; designing and building sets, props, and costumes; managing venues. He's produced plays in Montana, Chicago, New York, Allentown, Utah, and the Adirondacks.

In his pursuit of arts advocacy, he has learned to braze copper, ghost-ride Model-A Fords out of moving trucks, and trap live raccoons. He has shared elevators in silence with Amanda Peet and Sam Shepard (separately); exchanged casual swear words with Tim Roth; and had a brief chat with James Lipton after nearly squashing Lipton's foot with a road case. Once, while waiting in a loading dock, he met Sting. Another time, in the loading dock of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he knocked over a stack of art crates, but they turned out to be empty. He has portrayed a dead or nearly-dead person on stage four times in two different states. In 2004, he decorated the top half of the Lincoln Center Plaza Christmas tree. Chris currently resides in Bellingham, WA where he shills for the College of Fine and Performing Arts at Western Washington University.

The Luso Bat Signal

The Luso Bat Signal

An Interview with Elusive Portuguese Playwright Elaine Avila

6 March 2016

Chris Casquilho interviews playwright Elaine Avila about her background, career, and theatre family.