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CJ Ochoco

A Guam-raised theatre creative with.a passion for uplifting diverse storytelling

CJ Ochoco is a Guam-raised theatre creative who currently travels between Nashville, Guam, and everywhere in-between. She earned her BA in Fine Arts: Theatre from the University of Guam (2016), her Masters of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management through Colorado State University (2019), and her Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communications from the University of Maryland Global Campus (2023). CJ enjoys wearing many hats. While her first passion was stage management, she has found joy in producing, arts administration, playwriting, and even bass playing for Guam band “Friends with Instruments.” From the University of Guam Theatre to the Guam International Film Festival to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, CJ has been involved with various arts organizations. In 2018, she helped Breaking Wave Theatre Company, where she serves as the President and primary Producer for the company. CJ believes in the healing power of the arts, and she believes that healing can begin when everyone has the space and opportunity to share their stories. She aims to use her skills to create and elevate diverse storytelling, on stage and behind it.

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Theatre as Medicine with CJ Ochoco

Theatre as Medicine with CJ Ochoco

11 April 2024

In this episode, we delve into CJ's origin story, tracing her journey from pre-med student to theatre major and founder of Breaking Wave Theatre Company in Guam. Yura and CJ explore the transformative power of theatre as a healing space, the importance of community and accessibility, and the revolutionary potential of reimagining organizational structures. With passion and insight, we envision a future where storytelling and connection thrive.