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Claire K. Redfield

I'm a director, educator, and community-engaged artist currently living in Austin, Texas.

Claire K. Redfield is a director, educator, and community-engaged artist originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois and currently based in Austin, Texas. Claire completed her MFA in Theatre for Youth and Community in spring 2020 at Arizona State University where she pursued a thesis on trauma-responsive rehearsal practice: Rocks in the Riverbed: Building a Trauma-Responsive Workbook for Theatre Practitioners. Claire has worked as a director, dramaturg, and teaching artist at numerous Chicago theatres including Lookingglass Theatre, Sideshow Theatre Company (where she also served as Community Engagement Associate from 2014-2017), Something Marvelous, Next Theatre, Women's Theatre Alliance, The Waking Theatre, Adventure Stage Chicago, and her own theatre company, Eleusis Collective. Claire holds a B.A. in Drama and Anthropology from Tufts University and currently serves as co-artistic director and co-founder of Sleeveless Acts, a new community-based theatre company based in Phoenix, Arizona. More information at: clairekredfield.com

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The 4 Rs

The 4 Rs

Exploring Trauma-Responsivity and Self-Care

21 January 2021

Claire K. Redfield shares why it’s important for theatremakers to create trauma-responsive rehearsal spaces and offers four Rs—realizing, recognizing, responding, and resisting—as a way to approach the process.

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