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The Committee of the Jubilee

For the most up to date list of the Committee of the Jubilee, go here

  • Addie Gorlin, Director & NNPN Producer-in-Residence, Mixed Blood Theatre*
  • Aditi Brennan Kapil, Actress/Writer/Director & Playwright-in-Residence, Mixed Blood Theatre*
  • Adriana Gaviria 
  • Adrien-Alice Hansel, Literary Director, Studio Theatre*
  • Aimee Gonzales
  • Alexandra Meda, Teatro Luna & Latina/o Theatre Commons
  • Amanda White, Mixed Blood Theatre & DalekoArts
  • Brad Rothbart, Freelance Dramaturg & Theorist 
  • Brianna Smith
  • Carra Martinez,  Director of  Praxis, Penumbra Theatre*
  • Charles Gershman, Playwright 
  • Colin Hovde, Producing Artistic Director, Theater Alliance
  • Courtney Sale, Associate Artistic Director, Indiana Repertory Theatre*
  • D Lee Miller
  • D'Arcy Harrison, Artistic Director, Vagabond Alley Productions​
  • David Mack, CEO, Artist Magnet 
  • Elizabeth A. Rosenberg, Playwright
  • Erin Washington
  • Evy Pine
  • Ilana Becker, Director
  • Isaac Gomez, Playwright/Dramaturg, Literary Manager, Victory Gardens Theater*
  • Jamie Gahlon, Senior Creative Producer, HowlRound*
  • Jocelyn Prince, Site Coordinator-Almira School, Cleveland Play House
  • Joy Meads, Literary Manager and Artistic Engagement Strategist, Center Theatre Group & Co-Founder, The Kilroys*
  • Katie Pearl, Co-Artistic Director, PearlDamour *
  • Kirk Lynn, Co-Producing Artistic Director, Rude Mechs/Playwright/Novelist/head of UT-Austin's Department of Theatre & Dance playwriting and directing program*
  • Lauren Villegas
  • Leah Anderson, Artistic Director, The Arson Theater
  • Lisa Channer, Artistic Director Theatre Novi Most, Head of BA Performance Program, Univeristy of Minnesota
  • Lisa Cole
  • Lisa Kron, Playwright
  • Lucy Gram, Director, Founding Director/Producer, One Bird Productions
  • Lue Douthit, Director of Literary Development and Dramaturgy, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • Madeleine George, Playwright 
  • Michael Dove, Producing Artistic Director, Forum Theatre
  • Michael Rohd, Founder, Center for Performance and Civic Practice/Artistic Director, Founding Artistic Director, Sojourn Theatre*
  • Mike Lew, Playwright*
  • Melanie Joseph,  Founder  & Artistic Producer, The Foundry Theatre*
  • Monica Byrne, Playwright-in-Residence and Associate Artistic Director, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern/Novelist, Penguin Random House*
  • Monica Furman
  • Morgan Jenness, Creative Director, This Distracted Globe Consultancy*
  • Nikolaj Sorensen, Student, Northwestern University
  • Peter Meachum, Director of the Pride Youth Theater Alliance
  • Rachel Grossman, Ensemble Director, dog & pony dc 
  • Rebecca Adelsheim, Dramaturg/Producer
  • Reginald Hanna, Playwright/Independent Artist
  • Ryan Taylor, Artistic Director, Washington Rogues 
  • Scott Marden, Freelance Stage Director
  • Sherrice Mojgani, Lighting Designer
  • Spenser Davis, Director of Programming, Broken Nose Theatre/Actor/Director/Playwright
  • Todd London, Executive Director/Professor, University of Washington School of Drama*
  • Tori Keenan-Zelt, Playwright
  • Will Davis, Director*

* indicates founding members of the Committee of the Jubilee. 

Party Planning

Party Planning

The Jubilee Answers Questions, Gives Advice, and Asks for Help

14 November 2016

One year into organizing, the Committee of the Jubilee reports out on progress, answers common questions, and re-extends an invitation to the American Theatre to join the year-long nationwide festival of 2020.

Welcome to the Jubilee

Welcome to the Jubilee

17 October 2015

The Committee of the Jubilee makes a call to action to support a vision of every theatre in the United States of America producing work by women, people of color, artists of varied physical and cognitive abilities, and/or LGBTQIA artists in the 2020–2021 season.

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