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Cristina (Cha) Ramos

Fight and Intimacy Director, Dramaturg, Playwright, Performer, and Instructor

Cha Ramos (she/ella) is a multidisciplinary theater artist with a metric montón of books, swords, and altars in her NYC apartment. Cha creates work as an intimacy and fight director, dramaturg, playwright, performer, and instructor. Recent projects include: intimacy and fight direction for Dom Juan at the Fisher Center at Bard College; associate intimacy direction for Company on Broadway; dramaturgy for new works by José Rivera and Leslie Ayvazian; performing with the Vixens En Garde all-female sword-fighting Shakespeare comedy troupe; teaching intimacy and stage combat in-person and online; and the ongoing development of her own original plays Fire Burn Them and Like to the Gods. More info at www.CallMeCha.com


Two actors in their underwear caressing one another.
Celebrating the Spirit in Intimacy Work

Celebrating the Spirit in Intimacy Work

A Conversation with Cha Ramos

2 September 2022

Ann James interviews Cha Ramos about her approach to intimacy direction, which pulls from Cha’s multidisciplinary theatrical career, her Cuban American upbringing, and—perhaps most crucially—her intentional rediscovery of spirituality as an essential part of artistic practice.