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Cynthia Henderson

Cynthia Henderson


Cynthia Henderson is a Professor of Acting, in Ithaca College's Department of Theatre and Dance Performance. A professional actor, director, and the author of The Actor's Landscape, Cynthia's artistic and educational work has been experienced in the U.S., Europe, South America, Asia, and on the African continent. She is the founder of Performing Arts for Social Change. Her work in the area of social justice has earned her the CSPA of New York State's award for "Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice." She was also cited at the NYS Women's Expo as one the "20 Outstanding Women You Should Know" in Central NY. Her directing credits include Rent, Everybody, Plumfield Iraq, The Exonerated, Burn This, The Colored Museum, and other explorations. Cynthia is a member of Actors' Equity, the National Alliance of Acting Teachers, and a Fulbright Scholar.

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Welcome to Teaching Theatre

Welcome to Teaching Theatre

19 March 2024

Host Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder talks with Valerie Curtis-Newton (University of Washington) and Cynthia Henderson (Ithaca College) about the changes and challenges university theatre training programs are facing in this moment, as well as some strategies to address these issues. This premiere episode touches on many of the topics we will discuss throughout the season: work ethic, teaching difficult material, and reinventing the canon, and more.

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