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Dan Kpodoh

Dan kpodoh is a Theater Director, Choreographer and playwright.


Dan kpodoh is a lecturer with the University of Africa Toru orua. He is Theater maker, film maker, artistic director, choreographer, festival curator, content developer, theater consultant, dancer, Pageant coach,the founder/Director of Active playhouse.

Now widely known as a prolific, outstanding and experimental director,he studied Dance, music and choreogaphy from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. B.A Directing and Masters Degree in Dance and Choreogaphy(uniport) he is currently pursuing his PHD.

He has lot of dance and Theater performance to his credit (most written by him) he is also a consultant to Calabar carnival, Rivers state carnival and many organization in Nigeria.

Visiting lecturer to Federal University. Oye Ekiti.

An actress sings passionately during a performance.
Interrogating the Politics of Oppression in The Struggle

Interrogating the Politics of Oppression in The Struggle

4 January 2024

Dan Kpodoh’s The Struggle dramatizes governmental and corporate exploitation in the oil-rich Niger Delta by telling the story of a group of militants who sought liberation but became corrupted by financial interests. Eseovwe Emakunu, a Nigerian theatre professional, interviews Kpodoh about the play’s function as protest theatre against political oppression.