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Dan Weschler

Dan is supremely grateful to the other members of his company, who have given him the opportunity to play accordion in a rock band, and other improbable things. Other people he is grateful to include his relentlessly supportive parents, Jonathan and Monica, and his dauntingly talented siblings, Matthew and Laraine, as well as his brilliant and beautiful roommate Katie, whose presence in his life and the world is the surest sign among many that things are generally, really good. 

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Living the Dream Podcast # 11

Living the Dream Podcast # 11

PigPen Theatre Co., Part 1 of 2

3 December 2015

Today is the first part of a two part interview with three members of the PigPen Theatre Co. (Ryan Melia, Arya Shahi and Dan Weschler). We discuss actual Rat Kings, the ‘tiering’ of Drama Schools and finding your own identity in the actor training process.